Pure West Developments is a family-oriented team based out of Lethbridge, Alberta. Co-owners and husband & wife duo Sarah and Corey, met working in the home-building industry and have combined their entrepreneurial backgrounds to collaborate. With Corey’s expertise in multiple trades, Sarah’s passion for design, and their combined drive for business, best-quality experience, while making you their number one priority.

Pure West Developments is focused on building the best homes at attainable prices for real people. Our goal is to make the building experience simple and enjoyable, in an organized and stress-free environment. We believe building your home should be fun, and we encourage our clients to think outside the box and enjoy the process along the way. We want to make your building dreams come true and not just build you a house, but build you a home that you can cherish for years to come.

Dream, Plan, Do.

Sarah Mckay

  • Office Manager
  • Design Consultant
  • Sales
  • Founder of Simply Spotless Cleaning Company
  • Business Management Degree
  • Passionate about Design
  • Favourite words: Planning, Scheduling, and Organizing

Corey Vienneau

  • Site Manager
  • Warranty Specialist
  • Sales
  • 5 Years Homebuilding Experience, 12 Years Construction
  • Keeps Sarah's Crazy Design Ideas in Check
  • Loves Working Outside



  • Listen to our customers and trade partners so we can efficiently address their needs, questions, and goals to create an accurate depiction of their project.
  • Work with our team of trade partners to make sure all information is being relayed accurately so material is ready for construction and installed to accurate specifications in an efficient manner.
  • Engage the skills, procedures, and technology so we are always available and reachable.


  • Maintain a high level of professionalism regardless of the situation.
  • Employ our highly developed processes and procedures to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Following guidelines when choosing our team of trade partners to be sure they are a reflection of our core values.


  • Value each customer and trade partner equally while treating every aspect of our community with respect, so we are a valued and active part of the community.
  • Use ethical business practices with our trade partners and customers alike, including being honest with expectations and goals.
  • Remain transparent with every aspect of every project. We believe in building long-term and meaningful relationships so we can consistently achieve our end goals with high levels of satisfaction.


  • Utilize our resources so we may organize our team of trade partners and staff that have the same purpose, passion, and core values as we do. This will allow us to excel and maintain high standards.
  • Choose the most skilled and efficient trade partners to ensure quality and upstanding relationships.
  • Action our systematic approach through the pre-build, selections, building, and closing processes on all of our projects to maximize our efficiency while maintaining a high level of quality.
  • Maintain a stringent set of checklists and walkthroughs so we can identify and avoid mistakes to ensure nothing is overlooked.

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