Our approach starts with you. We take pride in developing unique and innovative spaces encompassing only the finest in quality building materials, engineered products, and design. Our client-focused philosophy ensures that we have delivered a finished product that our clients are proud to showcase to family and friends. From the initial design stage, to the final construction, no detail is overlooked. Clients are carefully guided through each stage of the process and support is never more than a phone call away.


First Contact

At Pure West, we believe the first and best place to start is for us to get to know YOU. Please view our form online called, "Get to Know the Client," to see what our PWD team members will ask you upon first contact.


Evaluation and Determination

We strive to satisfy every client’s needs. At this point in time we are able to clarify everything in your client form and determine if we can fully satisfy your request based off your answers. Occasionally, due to time frame, budget, or other constraints, we may not be able to satisfy your requirements and may potentially decline the project.


Moving Forward

Now that we’re familiar with each other, it’s time to move forward! Once we’re ready to commit to a working relationship for the duration of your build, we’ll arrange a meeting with our Pure West draftsman.


Initial Deposit

We require an initial deposit so we can commence work on your plans and drawings for your build. Deposit will vary depending on your floor plan.



You may already have existing plans you have developed in preparation for selecting us as your builder. Next up, we will review your plans and either select one of our spec plans or begin work on your custom plans with one of our preferred Pure West draftsmen.


Estimate of Project

With the information provided in your client form and your plan in place, we can now evaluate your project and give you the estimated cost. If you wish to choose from one of our Pure West stock plans, we can give you an exact price based off our standard allowances and specification sheet. Our team will work diligently on your estimate so we can present it to you within a reasonable amount of time. Your budget will be presented to you in a formal meeting by one of our team members.


The Decision

Once we’ve reviewed your estimate, it’s time to decide if you are satisfied with the estimated budget and scope of work set before we begin work on your new home. If you have not chosen a Pure West stock plan, we ask that you please allow for contingency costs in your budget.



The final and most exciting step in your home building process! We ask that you’re patient while your permits are under review. Once the permits are in our hands, we will break ground and your build will be under way. Again, we ask for your patience throughout the build as we have mandatory and stringent Pure West standards and practices, which ensure your build is “black and white” with the finest quality craftsmanship.

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